Empower your R code

Create powerful interfaces and reports for your scripts

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For R developers

Complete IDE for programming scripts, interfaces and reports

Actuaries & Statisticians

Create powerful graphical interfaces without a single line of code for your R scripts.

Fast and easy

If your R scripts are already done, then you are just a few clicks away to embed them in an user-friendly RPGM program.

Powerful sequencer

Easily execute interfaces, scripts and reports following a specific order.

For scripts users

User-friendly and easy to use

For end users

Goodbye command lines. Welcome to user-friendly programs with nice graphical interfaces.

« What's R ? »

No need to know what R is. The graphical interface completely hides R and other underlying technologies for the end user.


Generate reports as PDF file (using LaTeX), or as Excel spreadsheets.


Simple and performant


What it can do

RPGM Editor

Complete development environment for R and RPGM

RPGM Client

Execute generated .pgm programs made with RPGM Editor

RPGM Server

Execute .pgm programs on the cloud. Only a web browser is required

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